Posted by: lacasadelosninos | October 11, 2009

Balloons for Fer

 Dear Friends,   I am writing to invite you to join Dulce and Jim and the great circle of light surrounding them  in a celebration to honor Fernando on October 13th at 4:30pm (PDT: Hermosillo Mexico Time).  This is the first anniversary of Fernando’s passing and it can be very full of feelings and emotions for all of us who love him and his family.  Dulce and Jim will be with  family at Dulce’s mom’s house that evening, coming together to support each other and celebrate Fernando’s life.  They will be releasing Helium Balloons after taping a message/sentiment to be released with the balloons.  Rogelio Parra, a good friend of Fernando’s in Lo de Marcos will gather friends and family to join us.  La Casa de los Ninos will also have a balloon ceremony at the same time.  We invite you to join us where ever you are and have a balloon ceremony too as a rememberance of Fernando…and take photos!  If  you send me the photos, I will compile a slide show for Jim and Dulce.  I know they will love to know that we are all coming together to honor their precious Fernando.  I can tell you from experience that these are the kinds of things that can give us hope and enough love to find our way forward in the face of such loss.   
We will all be together in spirit on that day.  If you cannot release a balloon, create your own ceremony or send a note.  Please share a photo or leave us a comment here on the blog and I will include it in this gift to Dulce and Jim.
Love to all of you,
Patti and Dave and the La Casa Crew 


BaloonsFer y Dulce y JimJim y FerFerBalloon CeremonyFernando


  1. Dave and I are in New Mexico with our motorhome at a motorhome convention. We are volunteering at the convention. I will certainly be thoughtfully remembering precious Fernando, a wonderful spirit who lives on through his friends and loved ones. God bless you Dulce and Jim as you celebrate the wonderful son you raised and made forever memories with.
    With love and my wish for healing and blessings.

  2. Jim and Dulce,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time celebrating the life of your son, Fernando. Wish we could be there to realease a balloon, but we are with you in spirit.

    Diane and Dean Kleinsmith

  3. Dear Dulce and Jim – No picture to send, but thinking of dear, sweet Fernando right at this minute as all of your balloons are heading upward. The Heavens have opened up for him today in Northern California, that is for sure…I remember when Fernando gave me, Patti, Julia, Renee and Maryann Spanish lessons when we all came to Lo De Marcos in May of 2006 – so patient and sweet, but don’t think he was ready for our questions to him about “girlfriends” and “relationships” and how all that went in Mexico. It was so fun and I feel honored to have known such a kind soul. I know you must miss him until your heart breaks, but maybe it helps just a little to know how many people he touched with his smile. He was an amazing young man. Sent with Love from Jeanne and Tim

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